The Cozy Pineapple Complaint-Waiting To See If I’m A Victim Too…

Subject: Waiting to see if I’m a victim too…
My Name: everEden
My City: Bridgeport
My State/Territory: CONNECTICUT
My Complaint Against: The Cozy Pineapple
Complaint Category: Home Services
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

I used this company a few months ago to order some vases. After I submitted my order and gave my credit card information, I received a confirmation stating that I could cancel my order and be fully reimbursed as long as I canceled before my card was charged.

Well, it so happened that we had an unexpected expense come up the next morning, so the first thing I did was go to cancel my order that I could no longer afford to pay. I sent an e-mail to their customer service including my order confirmation number and all of my information asking that they please CANCEL my order before my card charged, and asked for a reply indicating that my e-mail was received. I also called their phone number which is 100% useless! Just a “full mail box” message. I sent another e-mail informing them of the urgency that they PLEASE CANCEL my order, and letting them know their phone wasn’t working (little did I know?)

The following day I checked my e-mail anxious to hear that they canceled my order. Nothing! Day after that? NOPE! Then came an e-mail stating that my items had been shipped! Check my account, and it was charged that morning. For 2 days I followed their procedure of canceling my order which they ignored and I paid the consequence. Luckily I was able to get the funds to cover it since there was no way to cancel. My order arrived and I was happy with it, but I was furious at the company for being so unprofessional.

Well, I’m not sure why, but I gave The Cozy Pineapple another shot. I needed more vases and the deal was just “too good” to pass. Seemed that way anyway… I placed my order, received confirmation and my order was shipped. When it was delivered this morning I opened it immediately. 1 vase was missing, 2 were broken. Called the number again – no answer surprise, surprise.

So this time I’m dealing directly with UPS for the damages, but I fear it won’t end well. Will my broken vases be replaced or refunded? Will my missing vase ever show up? I’ll post a follow-up should anything -good or bad- come out of this. BUYER BEWARE! THIS COMPANY IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNRELIABLE!

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