Dell Financial Services Complaint – Unwilling To Settle

Subject: Unwilling to Settle
My Name: Alta Conrad
My City: Newberg
My State/Territory: OR
Country: United Statez
My Complaint Against: Dell Financial Services
Complaint Category: Manufacturers & Dealers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 3500
My Complaint Description:
I bought a laptop, I financed it. They have added interest & late charges to the tune of over $3400 and I was told they do not do settlements. The computer was paid for long ago.

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Yodel Complaint – Yodel – Never Proper Service

Subject: Yodel – Never Proper Service
My Name: Lisa
My City: Mainland
My State/Territory: Mainland
Country: UK
My Complaint Against: Yodel
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): £ 300
My Complaint Description:
What an utter disgrace this company is – why on earth is anyone even still using them. My parcel should have been with me on Saturday 14th April. I stayed in all day – no one showed. Stayed in all day Monday as I was promised delivery that day. Nothing showed up. Was told that it was in the Southampton depot – I work three minutes from there but wasnt allowed to collect as there hadnt been a failed delivery attempt. Have been in contact with them for two days now and they think the parcel is lost – after they asked me what was in it – funny that. Frustrated isnt the word. Customer Service is dire. No one is prepared to help at all.
To all companies out there who are using this shitstorm – maybe rethink your courier. If my company did this no customer would touch us again

Oh and by the way – I used to have Laithwaites wine delivered – yes by Yodel – who busted my garage door to try and deliver a parcel – I was even at home at the time. I thought someone was breaking in. But get this – not only did they do that once, but twice. Needless to say, I stopped using the wine company and after I eventually get this delivery I will stop using Very too.

18th April Update today I have been told the same thing – it will [maybe] be delivered today yet the status hasnt changed since 1.23am on Saturday 14th – the person over there ———> on twitter who is saying they will help resolve this – isnt really doing anything only telling you the same thing that the webchat people are telling which amounts to nothing. this is the third day away from work and i am still non the wiser.

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Zoom Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd Complaint – CCIE Training Fees Not Refunded

Subject: CCIE Training fees not refunded
My Name: Nonso Asuoha
My City: Lagos
My State/Territory: lagos
Country: nigeria
My Complaint Against: Zoom technologies (India) pvt ltd
Complaint Category: Education
Claim Amount (Approx.): 36880 ( $565)
My Complaint Description:
I made payments to Zoom Technologies for CCIE IT training but could not
get visa to travel to India for the training (The Indian Consulate
in Nigeria does not include ZOOM Group company in the list of companies
to sponsor student Visa)

Now i have contacted this company several times for refunds of fees i paid.
They no longer respond to me
Please help me and resolve this problem

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All Of The Staff Are Rude The First Time I Found A Hair In My Salad . Please Make Employees Cover Their Hair . Complaint – Mad Customer

Subject: Mad customer
My Name: Merlin Perello
My City: Piscataway
My State/Territory: Nj
Country: Usa
My Complaint Against: All of the staff are rude the first time i found a hair in my salad . Please make employees cover their hair .
Complaint Category: Employers/Employees
Claim Amount (Approx.): 19.92
My Complaint Description:
I went to pick up my order to find my order wrong so i told a gentleman my order was wrong . He told the other employee to fix it and she made me wait half hour . My order was the last one and said next time we are going to charge you for your mistake . I told her to give me her name but she refused too the first time i had hair in my salad . The employee is a black lady with dreads . Please make employees wear a hat to cover their hair .

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Hoover 800 Customer Service Tier 2 Supervisor Chris Complaint – Not Honoring Warranty With Receipt& Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

Subject: not honoring warranty with receipt& worst customer service experience ever
My Name: lora purpero
My City: Chillicothe
My State/Territory: ohio
Country: usa
My Complaint Against: Hoover 800 Customer service Tier 2 Supervisor Chris
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 150.00
My Complaint Description:
I had 3 days left on 1 yr warranty steamvac spinscrud50 model F5914-900 when multiple problems happened. Hose pump broke, turbine going out, floor brushes not spinning properly. On 3.12.18 took this machine to my local Hoover dealer and service center to get this diagnosis. I have already paid the local Hoover dealer $20.00 to diagnosis and fix the leaking problem & to release my property back to me. I have used it twice on 1 room of carpet and the spill pick up hose attachment 10-12 times over the last 362 days before it malfunctioned and leaked a gallon of water onto my floor. Over 2 days, 6 calls to 800#, talked to 4 different people that would ID themselves, 2 were nameless and over 4 hours on phone ( 25 mins. on hold before they would answer). I talk with Chris that has ID'd herself as tier 2 customer service supervisor in Glenwillow, Ohio. During the initial conversation with Chris she is very rude. Out of her mouth comes the words I DON'T CARE a minimum of 2 times during our first conversation. IS THIS HOOVER'S NEW BRAND? Is this how Hoover is training their customer service employees? In any context should a customer service supervisor ever mutter those 3 words to a customer with a valid warranty problem let alone to a 3rd generation, loyal 35 year plus customer as I am or was? During this conversation she says I can't have the local dealer repair for me , I must drive it 60-90 miles away still in my state of Ohio or mail it there which will cost about $55.00. Tells me she needs to research this and call back. I will give her credit for actually calling me back. During the 2nd call her next offer is to send me $50.00 worth of cleaner for a machine that isn't working up to par. I laughed, said i wasn't wanting cleaning solution for a machine that I can not use. Her next solution is to return this lemon(cost is still on me) and get a replacement WITH NO WARRANTY (reconditioned- no doubt) and a $20.00 bottle of cleaning solution after I mail her receipt copy and after I pay and return lemon machine to a Tennessee zip code. She would not give me the rest of the Tennessee addy. Said she would call me back again after I mail her my receipt with the rest of that address. This will cost me a minimum of $75.00 now. Before the conversation ends I told her I am not happy with this solution. I should not have to pay an amount that is more than half of what this lemon cost me new. During this last conversation with Chris, tier 2 supervisor at the Glenwillow OH Customer service, proceeds to tell me a minimum of 3 more times I DON'T CARE. When I asked to speak to her supervisor or another supervisor, she cackled that she's it, take it or leave it," there isn't anyone else that is going to make me a better offer or even bother to call me back".

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