Caribbean Airlines Complaint – Terrible Customer Service At JFK Counter Agent

Subject: Terrible Customer Service At JFK Counter Agent
My Name: Jillian 521
My City: Lakeland
My State/Territory: Florida
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: Caribbean Airlines
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
The flight was BW 428 @ 7:50, JFK to POS on August 11, 2011. Caribbean Airlines has exclusively been the airline my family and I flew with for several years, however, terrible customer service displayed by their counter agents is becoming the norm. We arrived @ the counter two hrs before the flight, two persons were travelling with 3 pieces altogether, the first 2 pieces were 30 lbs each and the third she claimed was 10 lbs overweight, she said… this is 10 lbs overweight, you have to pay $75.

I told her, I'll take something out and put it in the others, she said…"Look, if you don't pay the $75, you will miss the flight. I told her, I do not have the money, I will even the weight out. She said, I don't have time for that, either you pay or leave and miss the flight. Calmly, I said I will step away and fix it, then return to the back of the line. She stood up…."Steupss" and started ripping the tags off the first two bags and said, well that's your call, you will just HAVE TO miss the flight.

It took me exactly 1 min to distribute the weight correctly and 5 minutes to get to another counter, I asked another agent if they are about to close the flight, she said NO, she doesn't understand why she will tell us such a thing. Please Caribbean Airlines, look into the attitudes of your employees, they are the face of your organization, one bad representation can cost you a lot of customers.

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