Jose Diaz Complaint – Lufthansa Air Lines

Subject: Lufthansa air lines
My Name: Khaled
My City: Egypt
My State/Territory: Cairo
Country: Egypt
My Complaint Against: Jose Diaz
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.): 100 euros
My Complaint Description:
I had a bad experience with Lufthansa air lines and I had raised complain no. FB ID 31778737 and me. Jose responded back that I will receive compensation of 100 euros from more than month ago and he didn’t transfer money and niether responded on me again

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ESKOM Complaint – Lockable Transformer That Can Only Be Accessed By Eskom Technicians

Subject: Lockable transformer that can only be accessed by eskom technicians
My Name: Ntombikayise
My City: Johannesburg
My State/Territory: Dlamini Soweto
Country: South Africa
My Complaint Against: ESKOM
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 100000
My Complaint Description:
My parents home is in Dlamini Soweto, my mother is 79years of age and she depends on an oxygen machine to breathe my father is 84. They are being terrorised by township boys who surround the electricity box from the start of winter until the end switching on and off every 10 to 15min everyday without fail while they giggle and pass stupid comments from 5oclock in the evening until 10 at night in the morning they wake up at 4am and switch back on at 8 sometimes 10. On days that it's very cold they would switch off for 2 to 3days. We've been reporting the matter to to eskom since 2011 but until today nothing has been done by eskom and it's getting worse we even wen to the police to report but they couldn't help us because they said it's an eskom issue we must take it up with them. I don't know wat we must do for eskom to take us serious, over the years we've had to replace electronic appliances like Television set, microwaves, fridge, kettle, my mom's oxygen machine etc. All we are asking for is a lockable box that can only be accessed by an eskom technician, Or for the boxes to be put up the pole where these township boys can not access them we are still pleading with eskom because we cannot take this anymore.

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Celebrity Cruises Complaint – No Compensation For Lost Cruise

Subject: No compensation for lost cruise
My Name: Ilya Gofman
My City: New Haven
My State/Territory: CT
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: Celebrity Cruises
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.): $1600
My Complaint Description:
On June 2 my girlfriend and I were supposed to depart on a seven day cruise to the Caribbean on Celebrity Cruise Lines. Our flight to Miami was scheduled for 6:30, and we arrived at the airport at 5:30. After checking a bag we entered the security line no later than 5:45, leaving 35 minutes to get to our gate. Although, we knew this was cutting it close, we had never spent more than 20 minutes in security and thought we were ok. Unfortunately, the security line took a whole hour and we missed our flight. That morning in Airport security only one body scanner was being used for two long lines, and the metal detector was not functioning. One of the TSA workers kept calling out for more assistance, but none was forthcoming. At various times the conveyor belt carrying baggage was at a standstill for 10 minutes or more. When we apprised TSA of this, the representative we spoke to denied that the line could have taken that long.

Once we arrived at the gate, the desk agent from our airline, American airlines, told us that there were no other direct flights that could get us to Miami by 2:30 p.m. (boarding for the ship was at 3:30). She said this at 6:30 in the morning, 6 hours before we needed to be at our destination. She then placed us on standby for a flight going to Philadelphia and then on to MIami, but we were denied seats on this flight because it was booked. We were then placed on standby for a flight to Miami via Chicago, which we were able to take. At this point we knew that there was a chance we would miss the departure of the Cruise, but thought that we could join the cruise at its first port, Key West. All of this happened so early in the morning that the Celebrity Cruise lines office was closed. When we were finally able to call the office once we had landed in Chicago, we were told that we could not join the cruise ship at , Key West, due to U.S. maritime law, but that we could fly to the second port, Grand Cayman, at an estimated flight cost of $700 per person and stay at a hotel at our own expense to wait for the cruise. Tired, overwhelmed, and in disbelief, we decided to return to Bradley as our hands appeared to be tied. The cruise line at this point had refused to reschedule a comparable cruise at a different date because we had not purchased insurance. This was the same response that we received from multiple cruise agents.

We can draw several conclusions from our horrible experience. First, Bradley International Airport seems to be incapable of processing the number of passengers that one would expect would traffic an international airport. Second, TSA agents were understaffed and unprepared to handle the influx of people. That said, we are writing you about the real villains of this story: Celebrity Cruise line. Although we understand the policy concerning trip insurance, we believe that Celebrity should provide with some kind of compensation for the lost cruise. We are middle class people who can only afford vacation every once in a while and paid nearly 1600 to Celebrity Cruises. For this we have received absolutely no services of any kind. The representatives that we have talked to have only been concerned with pointing out that we should have bought cruise insurance. I can think of no other financial transaction in which a business can pocket your money without providing any service. From our perspective, it would not be any great hardship for Celebrity to offer us an alternate week to take the cruise in return for the money we paid. Instead they are insisting on the letter of their policy and pocketing our money.

We ask for your help with resolving this situation. Our primary gripe is against Celebrity, but we are just as concerned with the incompetence of the TSA at Bradley and the lack of coordination between airlines and the TSA. It appears that flying out of Bradley has become a complete nightmare, and trying to take a vacation with a callous conglomerate like Celebrity is just as bad.

Ilya Gofman and Rebecca Guernsey

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Subject: LOUSY food
My Name: Allen Moon
My City: Athens
My State/Territory: GA
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: LOGAN'S ROAD HOUSE
Complaint Category: Food & Restaurants
Claim Amount (Approx.): $54.45
My Complaint Description:
My wife and I went to LOGAN'S ROAD HOUSE for our 45th anniversary dinner, on June 2,2018. We have gone there every year for our anniversary. We ordered shrimp and sirloin steak dinner with grilled mushrooms and rice.
The shrimp was overcooked, steaks were half way decent. The young lady that waited on us was good. She was soft spoken, had a hard time hearing her, but that is not my complaint. The picture of the order we placed looked better then what we are served.
Could of gotten a better burger at Krystals. Highly disappointed. I didn't want to send it back because I know what they can do to it to orders that are sent back.

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Toastmaster Coffee Makers Complaint – Removable Basket In Toastmaster 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker With Digital Display

Subject: removable basket in Toastmaster 12 cup programmable coffee maker with digital display
My Name: marcy uhutch
My City: williamsburg
My State/Territory: KY
Country: usa
My Complaint Against: Toastmaster coffee makers
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 24.72
My Complaint Description:
The removable basket is very hard to remove you have to squeeze tabs and its suppose to release it does not work and plastic was so sharp, I am sure i needed 1 stitch on finger which i have butterflied I finally had to turn coffee pot upside in sink to remove grounds and make a pot of coffee other than that it is a fast making coffee pot which i like but i dont wanna have to turn upside down and yes we followed directions in booklet for removal so did husband it is really ridiculous. I would truly like to just swap out coffee pots with them with a easily removable basket and they pay postage maybe this is just one with a defect.

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