Electrolux Complaint – Mold Issues From End Loader, Electrolux Send Replacement Part, And Voucher To Get The Part Replaces, But Wouldn’t Pay For The Appliance Company To Come Out To Replace The Part.

Subject: Mold issues from end loader, Electrolux send replacement part, and voucher to get the part replaces, but wouldn’t pay for the appliance company to come out to replace the part.
My Name: Lynn
My City: Jackson
My State/Territory: Georgia
Country: Usa
My Complaint Against: Electrolux
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 80.00
My Complaint Description:
Need Electrolux to pay for their contract appliance company that came out to put part on faulty front end loader that had mold.

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Terminix Company Complaint – Termites Complaint

Subject: Termites complaint
My Name: natalie digioia
My State/Territory: FL
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: Terminix company
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): unknown at this time
My Complaint Description:
About a year ago I had Terminix come for a small area in master bathroom and the Expert technician suggested the chemical spray versus tenting the house , My whole house is now infested with termites , I have called and have had several treatments over the past year ( And I still have termites ) After all the Grief and Aggravation and inconvenience that I have gone through with all the multiple times they had to come and teat again and again , it was never ending and very inconvenient !!!!! You would think Terminix right thing after over a year they would tent my house and not charge me for it with the fact that they sold me the Wrong service !!!!!!!!!!! But no they are trying to charge me , So much for their Satisfaction Guaranteed , YEAH RIGHT I'M NOT SATISFIED !!!!!!!!
Natalie Digioia

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SZi Technologies Complaint – Fraud By Advertising Website Company(szi Technologies)

Subject: Fraud by advertising website company(szi technologies)
My Name: Salar
My City: Aucklan
My State/Territory: Auckland cbd
Country: New zealand
My Complaint Against: SZi technologies
Complaint Category: Websites & Portals
Claim Amount (Approx.): $13000 nz doller
My Complaint Description:
I got many call from this company which doing advetising for my cafe on google and doing website for my business,they got my credit card information and they suppost
To take a arranged payment but after that i check my cart and show that they took 13000 from my account and i ask for refund but no one answer my call and my email and its almost one year i didnt heard anything from them.

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– Select -: I Maydell St.julien Would Like To Discontinue The Houston Chronicle. Reason For This Complaint Is As Following.(MY PAPER IS BEING THROWN WAY TO LATE). Complaint – Paper Is To Late

Subject: Paper is to late
My Name: Maydell ST.julien
My City: houston
My State/Territory: texas
Country: usa
My Complaint Against: i maydell st.julien would like to discontinue the houston chronicle. Reason for this complaint is as following.(MY PAPER IS BEING THROWN WAY TO LATE).
Complaint Category: – Select –
My Complaint Description:
dont get the paper until between 8-9 oclock in the morning. used to get my paper about 4-5 in the morning. im a early bird. when i sit at the table for breakfast i like reading my paper b4 work. THANK YOU.

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Aptinova Business Services Pvt Ltd. Prasanna Kumar Complaint – 3 Months And 11 Days Salary Not Received

Subject: 3 months and 11 days Salary not received
My Name: Hemanth Kumar
My City: Hyderabad
My State/Territory: Telangana
Country: 91
My Complaint Against: Aptinova Business Services Pvt Ltd. Prasanna Kumar
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
Claim Amount (Approx.): 43000
My Complaint Description:
Hello. My self, Hemanth Kumar from Hyderabad worked for 7 months in your company as a HR Executive. You told me to credit my salary approx 43K in the month of Jun,2018. Everytime it postpones just like your product release dates.

Nobody is responding to my calls and messages neither you as a CEO of Startup Aptinova and TVSS Subramanyam.

So tell me how much time it takes to receive my salary. Else you don't pay me confirm me here itself publicly. You can find my details as follows. If anything you required you can ping me at hemanth.mba11@gmail.com

Employee ID: APTBS-22
Working from Nov – 2017 to Jun 11-2018

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