Entertainment: FilmLush Complaint – Deduction Amount With Out Using Link

Subject: Deduction amount with out using link
My Name: Amala
My City: San Diego
My State/Territory: CA
My Complaint Against: FilmLush
Complaint Category: Entertainment
Claim Amount (Approx.): USD 34.95
My Complaint Description:
I have login few days back to watch a movie but I dint watch as it was lot of procedure but.now the link has deducted $34.95 without my notice.Fraud company how dare u people will do such a fraud.
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It was very clear that u want deduct any amount for watching but now it's big chaos. Please return my amount immediately otherwise prior police complaint will given.
(USD34.95 was spent on your SBI Card no.ending XX4851 at FILMLUSH.COM/S on 3 May 17)

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Manufacturers & Dealers: Proflowers.com Complaint – Proflowers.com Delivered Dead And Dying Flowers

Subject: Proflowers.com delivered dead and dying flowers
My Name: Makizbak
My City: San Diego
My State/Territory: CA
My Complaint Against: Proflowers.com
Complaint Category: Manufacturers & Dealers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Delivery came the day before Mothers Day.Upon opening I found a bouquet of lilies and tulips rubberbanded together.
The cut ends of the flowers were totally exposed and browning from not being covered or protected in an oasis and flower petals were wrinkled and browning. Some tulip heads were broken. It looked like it had been dropped, run over and placed into the shipping box. The bouquets are extremely skimpy and flowers generally substandard.
Better quality can usually be found at the local grocery store.
This last bouquet was the last straw!!Shame on Proflowers!!
Review about: Received Another Bad Bouquet Of Flowers One Of Many.

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China Airlines Complaint – Unreasonable Withdrawal Of Mileages

Subject: unreasonable withdrawal of mileages
My Name: Tsangt
My City: Philadelphia
My State/Territory: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: China Airlines
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Complain letter to China Airlines
Date: 26/1/2007
To whom it may concern,
Re: complain about unreasonable withdrawal of mileages WA0617286 and WA0617297
This email even without a signature, without a person to be in charge of my complaint is a totally unacceptable reply. We're very angry about your reply. What do you meant by 作業並無疏失, 無法配合辦理?????
疏失#1. Being a member of your Dynesty Flyer Program, I had never received any annual statements mentioning about the exact expiry date of my mileages. What I received during the last years were just promotions.
疏失#2. It's me who remember that our mileage were accumulated since 2001. Counting 6 years, I estimated that some of them should be expired in 2007. That's why I called up your member department in Sept 2006 to check about the exact date of expiry and your staff confirmed with me firmly that the expiry date is 31/12/2007 . NOT 31/12/2006 !
Anyway, I (WA0617286) contacted both the member department and reservation department to claim my mileages for a business class return ticket HK-Sapporo in Nov2006 (booking ref K2TDFU). My sister (WA0617297) made another booking for economic class ticket of the same flight with and up-grading I class for one of the arm (K3A34S).
疏失#3. Again all along, nobody inform us that our mileages would be gone if our ticket doesn't issue before 31/12/2006. You staff even repeatedly reassured me that it's pretty safe to wait as the "C" class is not full and your company will give out "O" class ticket gradually. Moreover, the ticket will be valid for 1 year for any dates available.
All that happened months before your "so-called" expiry date 12/31/2006! Without the multiple faults of your staffs, I could have redeem tickets successfully for any other places or any other dates which are available well before 12/31/2006.
疏失#4. I waited patiently for 2 months until 3/1/2007. My travel agent told me that the booking K3A34S with an "I" class arm was sunddenly cancelled because there're inadequate mileage for upgrading. Not until then, I found out that 20000 mileages were withdrawn from both our accounts. I called up the member department immediately and your staff said that they're sorry about the mistakes and they would contact the TaiPei headoffice by telegraph and arrange to reverse the mileage to us.
疏失#5. Despite repeated tracing for more than 3 weeks, your staff still keep telling me that your administrative department is following up the matter but telegraph communication takes time for the reserve of mileages!
疏失#6. Until today 26/01/2007, just 1 week left from my planned departure day, when I called up your staff Ms Ng again, she told me that the administrative department had replied me by email but in fact I received nothing. Then I urged for a reply and I received this rubbish reply from 香港分公司 行政部 (instead of Taipei) without a signature or a person to be in charge of my complaint.
That made us feeling like being fooled around with lies again and again during the last few months. You're wasting our time and cheating to avoid give out the redemption tickets which we're qualified to get. Is that the usual way you treat your frequent flyer customer??? How can we trust such a company and use your service in the future?
If you don't reverse the mileage to us immediately, I urge you to compensate our loss monetarily and spiratually. THe monetary loss for me costs a business class ticket of another airlines I need to pay now for for the coming trip to and from Sapporo (the cheapest one so far is ANA HK$6500). And that for my sister is the cost of upgrading 1 arm to business class in another company (the cheapest is ANA HK$300). Moreover, if we failed to get confirm tickets from other airlines and the trip is ruined due to all the delay you've caused, you need to compensate us for all the expenses we booked for the trip in addition.
Looking forward to your prompt reply or we'll make complains to the customer service department, consumer council, 旅遊業議會, and mass medias. And we'll sue you for your cheating and irresonsible behaviour.
Yours Sincerely,
Tsang Shi Lok, Colette (WA0617286) and Tsang Shi Ah, Therese (WA0617297)

From: hkgdo01@China-airlines.com
To: tsangt@hotmail.com
Subject: re : 會員哩程

曾小姐 您好,
éƒæŽ¥ 貴客反æ˜å“©ç¨‹å¤±æ•ˆæœªç²é€šçŸ¥ï¼Œæœ¬å…¬å¸ååˆ†é—œæ³¨ï¼Œä¸¦å³ç«‹æ¡ˆè·Ÿé€²ï¼Œè¬¹å°‡æŸ¥è¦†çµæžœ
換é˜ä¸€å¼µæ±å—亞淡季來回機票﹝HKG X/ TPE / CTS X/ TPE / HKG﹞需 35,000分,有
效期按換é˜æ©Ÿç¥¨æ—¥è¨ˆç®—起一年內使用;而升等一段東南亞商務艙﹝TPE / CTS﹞需
會員累積之哩程必éˆåœ¨ 6年﹝曆年﹞內換獎並依規定使用完畢
依訂位紀錄, 貴客回程機位,å›éœ€æ±‚殷切自去年底至今仍需候補未能確認
惟 貴客 2001年之哩程效期至 2006年12月31日後已告失效,未能作本年 2 月之
會員部依作業規定如實回覆,作業並無疏失; 貴客要求 2001年之哩程延期部份,本

耑此 é†ç¥
新年快樂 身心康泰

香港分公司 行政部 敬覆

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Westjet Complaint – ‘lost’ Baggage

Subject: 'lost' baggage
My Name: William
My City: Kenora
My State/Territory: Ontario
Country: Canada
My Complaint Against: westjet
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 150.00
My Complaint Description:
On Nov/29/19 I left Puerto Vallarta airport. My flight was scheduled to depart at 1:00pm and I was first in line to drop my bag off when the counter opened at 10:00a.m. I was given a baggage claim sticker which indicated that my bag was checked through to Winnipeg, although I had a brief stopover in Edmonton.
Upon arriving in Edmonton, I proceeded through Customs and Immigration using my Nexus card. I was instructed (by a Customs official) to proceed to the baggage claim carousel and claim my bag – and that this process was part of my clearing Customs and that I would then re-drop / check my bag for my flight to Winnipeg.
I waited while all others claimed their luggage and departed, but my bag did not come down the chute. During this time a Customs person conversed with us and told us that it is standard practise to pickup and recheck baggage at the airport in which one arrives back in Canada. After a lengthy wait and still not getting my bag – I was instructed by a Customs person to go to the Westjet counter and present them with my situation.
Still in the baggage claim area, I went to the nearby Westjet counter and explained my dilemma to the representative. She agreed that the bag had obviously been rerouted or misplaced somehow and she initiated some paperwork. She obtained my name, address, contact information (email and home phone no) and my travel information. She explained that when my bag was located that Canada Customs would have to clear it and then Westjet would return it to me at their expense. I was careful to get this clarified, as I have had lost luggage before. She explained that they would make sure it was delivered to my home. She also said that I would be getting an email shortly from Westjet which would establish a line of communication for us so I would allow me to know the progress of the search and when and how to expect the bag’s return. She explained, just before I departed the counter, that she was on her way to ‘get it in the system’.
I then checked in and proceeded to fly to Winnipeg. I did check at the departure gate with the staff several times before departing Edmonton to see if there were any messages for me. I still was hoping that the bag may have shown up.
Upon arriving in Winnipeg I did look at the baggage carousel and did not see my bag there at that time. Obviously I would have been surprised but happy to see it at that time. I did not stay around and ‘wait for it to arrive’ as I was definitely of the impression, after my Edmonton experience, that the bag was presently lost and I would not see it until it arrived back in Kenora in the future. I booked a hotel and spent the night in Winnipeg and then returned by bus to my home in Kenora.
On November 30th I arrived home in the morning and later that afternoon received a phone call from Westjet. The woman I spoke to asked me if I had ‘left anything on my flight from Edmonton to Winnipeg the previous day.’ I replied that I did not believe I had left anything behind, but that I was waiting to hear about a piece of lost luggage. There was a pause and then she replied that they (Westjet) had a bag in Winnipeg which they believed was mine and which was not claimed at the baggage carousel after the flight. Naturally I was surprised to hear that the bag was there as I was assured that it was lost. The Westjet person told me that it had arrived on the same flight as me and it had been my responsibility to claim it. I attempted to explain to her about the process I had gone through in Edmonton and that I had been assured that the bag was lost somehow and that I certainly did not expect to see it in Winnipeg.
At this point the conversation took on a different tone as the Westjet person kept repeating that the bag had not been lost and it was my responsibility to claim it. I tried to explain about the procedure of clearing customs in Edmonton that had been explained to me when I was there and she said that was not the practise and that my bag had not been available there. She then carried on with the repetition about the situation being my fault and that Westjet took no responsibility. I tried to explain that I had been assured that the bag would be returned to my home when it was located – this resulted in more repetition from her – as well as a statement that the loss of the bag had to be decided by Westjet in Winnipeg NOT by Westjet in Edmonton. Since I had not consulted Westjet in Winnipeg, she explained that I was at fault. I explained that I had assumed that the Westjet representative in Edmonton had seemed to know what she was doing and I had taken her on her word. This, of course, resulted in more repetition on her part.
At this point I requested to speak to her supervisor. Another person then took the phone and proceeded to repeat the same things to me about the whole situation being my fault, that I was responsible for retrieving the bag, that what I had been told by staff in Edmonton was not correct and that I had to make arrangements for getting my bag. She said they would not return it to me as it ‘had not been lost’. I did not accept this decision as I had been assured previously that it was ‘lost and would be returned to me’.

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