ABC Dynamic Fitness Complaint – Still Not Refunded Money

Subject: Still not refunded money
My Name: Ryan
My City: New York
My State/Territory: NY
My Complaint Against: ABC Dynamic Fitness
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
Claim Amount (Approx.): $1
My Complaint Description:
They have charged me for signup the account as 1$ and after i cancelled my account from videostripe ,according to them ,they have written in there policy as once u cancel the account ,money will be refunded within 10 business days.
from last 1month ,i m just contacting to customer support ,they say to me they have already refunded.everyday i get the same reply from them.they are lying to me .this is fake site(video stripe).sometime they even blocked u for someother reason.
please dont trust this site otherwise u have bear good amount of losses.its my humble request to everyone.
Review about: Signup Charge.

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Verizon Complaint – Verizon – Billing, Have Proof Of Double Billing Yet No Help

Subject: Verizon – Billing, have proof of double billing yet no help
My Name: James
My City: Winona
My State/Territory: MN
My Complaint Against: Verizon
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): $600
My Complaint Description:
I have been with verizon for about 10 years I co signed on a phone for my son who ended up not paying the bill.I did not know this and went in to upgrade our phones and are told we owe them money.
I was surprised and asked why they did not send me anything and they said they sent them to him and never sent anything to me concerning the money owed. So they offered me a settlement amount of 179.00 which I paid, this was in 2014. Go in to store to upgrade a phone and add another line and they tell me I owe this bill again. If I just pay it in order to bring home my sons Christmas gift they can get it applied to my account when it is settled.
I paid the money directly to the billing/ credit department and this time it is 276.00. I have a receipt, bank statement to prove they payment of this again. I am told not to worry it is all cleared up now. Forward to this may and my husband goes in to get me a watch for mothers day.
They tell him we had a past balance due plus interest in the amount of 427.00 which he pays even though we do not owe it. I call the store and they tell me I have to call another number. I have every document there is to prove this bill was paid and they are doing nothing. I have called over 20 times and today one lady tells me they never took my money and that in fact the check bounced.
OMG are you kidding me ? So here I am printing out the check with the cleared number to prove they took the money. I have tried to be nice and no one is doing their job and no one is fixing this and refunding me the money they took. I had one lady today who was rude, and then lied to me about everything and only made matters worse.
I am sick and tired of being on the phone for hours out of my life when these incompetent people cannot fix what they did wrong. I will be filing in small claims this week. I am tired of them jacking me around.
We have proof the bill was paid, we have receipts, statements, and confirmation numbers.This is unacceptable and I will leave this co as soon as I can and I want everyone to know exactly how they screw customers over.

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GEICO Complaint – Consumer Complaints

Subject: Consumer Complaints
My Name: James
My City: Fayetteville
My State/Territory: NC
My Complaint Against: GEICO
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): $77.87
My Complaint Description:
A month ago I called Geico and inquired about me moving to NC and leaving my truck behind in NH for my daughter/son in law to drive. The agent told me that the truck should be insured by my son in law and not me. Now that I moved to NC and my insurance was due on the 23rd. So I called them and was going to let the policy expire/cancel until June 21 because I didn't have the funds to register it or get an NC license and going to take the car off the road anyway to do a bunch of work to it. The agent was pushy and didn't pay attention to what I wanted. She was more interested in "not losing me." I had no intentions of leaving Geico. It just that I didn't want to renew and pay insurance for 2 maybe even 3 weeks while the car was being repaired, and while I didn't have the funds to get my license and register it, let alone pay for a policy I wasn't going to use for a few weeks anyway.

I'm not even sure what all transpired with this woman agent from Geico. She was going a hundred miles an hour and guess what? The agent 4 weeks ago said my son in law should insure the truck BUT! This woman put it on my policy anyway! This was totally manipulative on Geico's part and will never go back. I was with them for 15 years, no violations or accidents other than a no fault one of hitting a coyote. I was crapped on by a company I was loyal to for 15 years with no accidents or violations. THEN, they had no desire to work with me on it or fix it. Instead they charged me $77.87 for 4 days coverage.

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GEICO Complaint – Avoid This Awful Company

Subject: Avoid this awful company
My Name: Megan
My City: Troutdale
My State/Territory: OR
My Complaint Against: GEICO
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
I was the victim of a terrible situation in which a Geico insured driver struck 3 cars parked outside of my townhouse complex including my boyfriend's car and my own. I planned to go through Geico because this should have been a cut and dry case as none of the cars struck were being operated. First sign of trouble was when Geico began dragging their feet through the liability process because the driver refused to admit fault and was dragging out the process with Geico.

Finally 6 days after this accident I get a claims adjuster out to the house. He was about to print off a check to get me started (yet no direction on who to call for a tow, repair and rental) and returned saying he could not print the check because they're still processing damages and may be above the policy holders limit for payout. This is getting to be absurd. I have tried to work through my own insurance but essentially there's red tape that will cause me to have to pay money and no one can give me peace of mind that I will get that money back. I am absolutely devastated, livid and upset. I'm telling anyone and everyone to avoid this awful company if at all possible. They will do everything possible to avoid having to pay out.

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Verizon Wireless Complaint – Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plan

Subject: Verizon Wireless Unlimited plan
My Name: Patricia
My City: Staunton
My State/Territory: VA
My Complaint Against: Verizon Wireless
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Unlimited wireless data this is NOT! I just signed up for the Verizon Wireless Unlimited plan, which is advertised all over their site. I signed up at the store, and asked repeatedly – and was told repeatedly – that my data on both my phone and hotspot would be unlimited. One day later I've gotten an overage notice – what no one at the store told me is that after only 10 gigs your speed slows down to 3G – noticeably slower. What a ripoff!

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