AirTran Airways Complaint – I Will Never Fly This Airline Again

Subject: I Will Never Fly This Airline Again
My Name: Bruce
My State/Territory: North Carolina
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: AirTran Airways
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
I had planned a trip to San Diego to connect with some friends and take a drive out to Las Vegas for the week. Hotels were booked, as was a flight with AirTran that would have connected in Oregon on July 13th. I was leaving from LaGuardia airport in NYC at around noon, and due to a mere 90 minutes of rain, AirTran cancelled all flights leaving NY for that day while airlines such as Frontier, US Airways, and Jet Blue were still providing delayed service.

I had called AirTran to change my reservation to leave the next day on flight 369 to Atlanta, with a connecting flight to Las Vegas leaving at 7:50 pm (flight 772). Flight 369 arrived in NY two hours behind schedule, leaving at 6pm instead of the promised time of 3:52 pm. As this flight was landing in Atlanta, flight 772 to Las Vegas was taking off. The best that AirTran could do to appease the situation was to give me a standby ticket for the final flight to Las Vegas, flight 769 leaving at 10:25 pm.

I had taken the standby ticket, as I had little choice in the matter. I had asked the customer service representative what would happen with my luggage since it never made it to the intended flight, and the representative told me that the luggage would be checked into the standby flight whether I was on it or not. Meanwhile, flight 769 was already overbooked by five people, and the only way I could board was if six of the confirmed passengers failed to appear.

Before the boarding procedure began, two Air Tran reps were offering free round trips and a complimentary night at a nearby hotel to anyone willing to give up their seats. I had thought that I would make it onto the flight, but once five volunteers accepted the offer to cover the five overbooked seats, AirTran then withdrew the offer despite that more people were interested in taking it.

I then had to sit there and ask if all seats were taken, and they were. Air Tran was willing to wait for a plane arriving late from Ohio this evening, but they were not willing to wait an extra ten minutes for the flight I had been delayed on for two hours. There is a hotel in Las Vegas that is currently billing me for a room I am not using, and to add insult to injury, the hotel suggested by AirTran for me to spend the night was not complimentary; I am paying half price for this room.

Meanwhile, as I write this, my luggage is on a plane to Las Vegas while I am stuck here. Upon checking into the hotel recommended, I called the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to inquire about baggage that would need to be left overnight. The airport could not assist me, and the reason was because of yet another AirTran policy: any questions related to lost or stolen luggage or luggage left overnight had to be handled by an AirTran office, and their office hours had concluded for the day despite planes still in transit.

This costly nightmare has been going on for 36 hours at this point, and there is an alarming possibility that I will arrive in Las Vegas tomorrow morning to discover that my luggage was either lost or stolen. I will never fly with AirTran again; no cheaper airfare is worth this aggravation.

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US Airways Complaint – Mistreated, Harassed And Assaulted By A Flight Attendant

Subject: Mistreated, Harassed and Assaulted by a Flight Attendant
My Name: rfocardi
My City: Gresham
My State/Territory: Oregon
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: US Airways
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
I am writing this in total disbelief. I hope us airways will understand the gravity of what I am about to recount and take the appropriate measures to make it right. This abuse needs to end and by bringing this story out in the open, hopefully airlines will start taking responsibility for their declining customer service, allowing passengers and paying customers to stop feeling mistreated and harassed by airline employees.

I am a 30 year old female executive who travels every week all across and outside of the country, nationally mainly on us leading airlines, internationally or whenever I can on asian airlines who are among the few that still have incredible service.

I still remember back in the 90s when flying was a fun and glamorous experience, when flight attendants would remember that a large part of their job description is to serve the customer, and where one received the service that is expected in a first world country and the land of the customer comes first.

I am sure many of you have experienced the change. Service has been declining, customer service has gone down to the bare minimum and passengers often find themselves dealing with rude check in representatives, airport personnel, gate agents and, worse of all, flight attendants.

In the past few years, these unacceptable experiences have become the routine, and the people I happen to talk to seem to have given up to the idea that this is how it is, and that the airline industries decline (usairways€™ in particular) is just at the beginning stages. I constantly witness passengers getting yelled at, or being mistreated for taking too long in putting away their bag in the overhead bin, or treated rudely for requesting something during the flight. The sad thing is that this is something that by now, we are all used to and expect when we fly unfortunately.

But yesterday, I had the most unbelievable experience of all. US Airways shame on you! I was traveling to saint louis on a us airways evening flight. I travel us airways multiple times a week because of its convenient flight schedules from miami. Because of my loyalty and the many flights I take every month, I have received a preferred status and am often upgraded to first class. Not that I would expect this to mean something, but it makes the whole experience even more scandalous.

I was waiting to board the plane, where I was assigned the very first seat to the right as you walk in the cabin. I was on the phone with my ceo discussing an important meeting we had that day. As I walk into the plane, I hear a flight attendant scream to me in a rude and demeaning way "Your bag is too big (which it isn'€™t, as it is a standard carry on size)." Being on the phone I did not realize the screaming was directed at me, so, as we are instructed to do, I went ahead to open the overhead compartment immediately on top of my seat. Here, plenty of space to put my bag as the compartment was completely empty with the exception of a small black bag.

As I am about to push the black bag to the side to fit my carry on, the same flight attendant roughly grabs my arm and yelling again says "€œDo not dare touch my bag!"€ Still on the phone and in disbelief I respond that I had no idea the bag was hers and that all I was trying to do was place my suitcase in the bin assigned to my seat. At that, with the same tone, she responds "You have to go all the way to the back of the plane" (which seemed unnecessary since the plane was half empty and there were plenty of empty bins between the first class cabin and the end of the plane.).

Since I had people behind me who were trying to board the plane, and since I was assigned the first seat at the front of the plane that has plenty of extra space and legroom, I pulled to the side with my suitcase, allowing people to make their way to their seat instead of slowing down the boarding process.

Another shout "€œMa'€™am you cannot stand there with your bag, it needs to go in the overhead!!! In the overhead I said! Go to the back of the plane!!!"€ at which I responded that I was just waiting for the passengers to board so I would not block the entry way and made my way to the middle of the plane where a much more professional flight attendant smiled at me and helped me store my bag.

Displeased by the discourtesy and approach of the flight attendant (who should help make the passengers' experience a positive one), I decided to ask for her name so I could file a complaint as soon as I arrived in saint louis. Enough is enough! And I also figured that if passengers start taking the time to report these incidents, the flying experience might improve for passengers all across the country. After all, I wouldn't expect US Airways to be able to fix what they don't know is broken.

The flight attendant did not like the idea of being reprimanded. So, a few minutes later, while I am sitting down reading my new book, she asks me to deboard the plane. "Ma'am step off the plane!"€, "€œmay I ask why?"€ I replied. "Do you want to fly today or not?" she said, with her unlikable manner. At which of course, I said yes. "€œThen step off so the gate agent can have a word with you."€ "€œNo problem", I said, "I would like a word with him too.€"

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US Airways Complaint – The Most Horrifying Time Suckage Money Wasting Disappointment Of My Life

Subject: The Most Horrifying Time Suckage Money Wasting Disappointment of My Life
My Name: aztreelvr197
My State/Territory: ARIZONA
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: US Airways
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
I purchased two tickets using my Dividend Miles and 200 dollars. I gave the date of birth for my son and I for the tickets to the service representative to fly from Arizona to New Orleans for cruise. We were emailed one plane ticket. When I called back after having spent $200 to buy the additional points needed for these tickets I was told there was only one plane ticket purchased.

I explain "No there were two" and I gave the dates of birth again. She replied that only one was able to be purchased with my Dividend Miles and they didn't record the phone call so I was out of luck. That meant my son, the 15-year-old, wasn't going to be able to fly to the cruise with me. So he had to fly on a separate flight since they had routed me all the way from Phoenix Arizona to North Carolina down to New Orleans.

Now, that there's a storm in North Carolina and I'm not able to take my flight going to the cruise they are telling me that therefore my flight home is voided and I'm out of luck on both counts so I've spent the money for the extra points for no reason and I now have to buy another plane ticket home. I will never use US Airways again and I hope everyone knows how horrible their services are.

I've had to take a day off from work to try to reach them because they put you on hold for 2 & 3 hours at a time and then they either hang up on you or they tell you to email them and the email tells you to call them. It's a racket and they should be closed down. Nobody cares. I've left my phone number my address. I've written letters not one person has responded. They don't have a customer service department for complaints. However if you do respond to the one for compliments they post that right away on the website.

I manage a call center and every time I get good customer service I make it a point to call the manager or the owner of a company and let them know. You can't even reach a manager or an owner at US Airways to let them know about the type of service you receive. Nobody wants to admit to being somebody of importance at that company. US Airways if you ever care to contact me my number is **. You have ruined my son's and I one vacation of a lifetime and cost me a thousand dollars. Extra thanks for the lack of consideration…

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Delta Airlines Complaint – Airline Got Too Big To Provide Good Service.

Subject: Airline Got Too Big to Provide Good Service.
My Name: Disappointed Passenger
My City: Minneapolis
My State/Territory: Minnesota
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: Delta Airlines
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
Larger Airports have poor service. My checked in luggage was obviously searched. The handle on the luggage was also damaged. My trip started at a small airport where the personnel were actually caring, but my trip required transfers to other flights. Minneapolis is such a large airport and San Francisco is also large. I noticed most the personnel were in a rushed mode and treated people as if they were products on a conveyor belt. Since Delta gobbled up other airlines the staff also increased in numbers along with the passenger count.

It was almost impossible to get a telephone number without punching in numbers to speak directly to a human and once I got connected I was told that it would be too much trouble to find my lost suitcase. Apparently a lot of other people had to speak to the luggage department as there was a long queue of people who needed to ask for help pertaining to their luggage. Only 2 people were behind the desk and their mood showed that they were overwhelmed with servicing the passengers need. BTW: Two items were missing from my baggage when I retrieved it.

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Delta Airlines Complaint – Had To Pay The Price Of A New Ticket To Change Flight Dates

Subject: Had to Pay the Price of a New Ticket to Change Flight Dates
My Name: Ab
My State/Territory: NEW YORK
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: Delta Airlines
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
I had to change the dates of two tickets purchased through Expedia with Delta. The first time I called I kept getting transferred from one Chinese customer service representative to another. After nearly 40 minutes someone told me it would cost over $800 dollars to make the change. To make a change would cost more than the original price!!! After nearly an hour and an incredibly frustrating experience I told the representative I would call back.

A few days later when I called back and over an hour on the phone, Delta thoroughly ripped me off by making me over $600 for a date change. And I have to pay an additional $50 dollars at the airport for "baggage fees". Awful airline and customer service. Never again!

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