NU Car Rental (dba Fast Track Rental Car) Complaint – NU Car Rental Complaint-Unlawful Charges

Subject: NU Car Rental Complaint-Unlawful Charges
My Name: Jackie
My City: Los Angeles
My State/Territory: CA
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: NU Car Rental (dba Fast Track Rental Car)
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): $35+
My Complaint Description:
This is the worst car rental company I have ever used in my life. The entire experience was unprofessional, unpleasant and inappropriate. The office was supposed to be open when I got there, but there literally NO ONE at the desk. I and several other customers searched the premises to try to find a worker and asked the Westin if they knew where the attendants were. No one knew. After 30+ minutes, a front desk rep finally showed up.
1) First, I paid for a Midsize care via Hotwire and when I got to the office in the Westin LA Airport location, their sales rep and the manager David said they had no cars whatsoever. I and several people had to wait several hours before we could get a car as they said they overbooked themselves.
2) David the manager was rude, unhelpful and and ignored my questions as well as others. It was INSANE.
3) When they finally had a car to give me, it was their smallest compact car that a previous customer didn't want as she also paid for a Midsize.
4) I took the car as I had several appointments and needed transportation
5) After a few days into my trip, while I was in Malibu, the vehicle received a ticket for expired tags!
6) I had no idea the vehicle they provided me had expired tags months prior to rental.
7) When I returned the vehicle, I took images of the ticket and expressed to David the manager that I was not going to pay for this ticket, this is not my responsibility and the vehicle plates are not my responsibility.
8) David said he would take care of the ticket and acknowledged it was their responsibility. Please note I have this on video as I figured this shady company would try to charge me.
9) I have now received a charge (a month after my rental car time expired) stating Fast Track/Nu Car is charging me $35 for getting a citation! This is INSANE AND FRAUD!!!!!

This company is a fraud and committing crimes. They are cheating their customers and their horrible customer service needs to be fired. Save your money, save your sanity and never rent from Nu Car / Fast Track Rental Car. You will have to take legal action to get your money back. This company needs to be denied their license to operate and should be jailed!

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Eskom Complaint – Re-installation Of A Circuit Braker And Reissue Of Meter Box

Subject: Re-installation of a circuit braker and reissue of meter box
My Name: Pule
My City: Pretoria
My State/Territory: Mabopane Lebanon
Country: South Africa
My Complaint Against: Eskom
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): R6052
My Complaint Description:
Good evening

Am complaining of poor service from Eskom I paid an amount of R6052 on the 25 June 2019 for reinstallation of a circuit braker and reissue of a meter box to this day I have not been assisted by Eskom instead I am being sent from pillar to post sitting and in the dark with no electricity.

Am located at 861 Mabopane Lebanon what surprises me is that Eskom is quick to accept money but take time to deliver why accept payment whereas they know they are unable to deliver please assist they gave the following reference number to use 301255842 when following up I was even asked to email proof of payment of which I did but nothing is happening everyday am being told a different story please help.

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on 072 418 0901 or 076 492 9051

Kind regards

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My Name: jackiemarovich
My City: torrance
My State/Territory: CA
Country: United States
My Complaint Against:
Complaint Category: Food & Restaurants
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
ordered my food thru the drive thru a salad for me a 3 piece white for my husband drove 3 miles home the 3 piece white was short a breast drove back told them the worker said wheres the box i told him its back home my husbands eating really no apology i then ordered a side of guacamole and chips and the guy charged me for it what about my gas and time what kind of service was this oh well theres alot of places to eat what a joke

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Houston (Comical) Chronicle Complaint – On Going Non Delivery Problem

Subject: On going non delivery problem
My Name: Judy Doughty
My City: Houston
My State/Territory: TX
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: Houston (Comical) Chronicle
Complaint Category: News Papers & Media
My Complaint Description:
Long term on going problem of non delivery for approx 1-1/2 months. Long hold times on the phone (47 minutes) at least and STILL not resolved. Customer service say that Management will call you back. They DO NOT. I told them today i will hold for management, she told me they had 17 delivery people quit in 1 month. WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME THAT A MONTH AGO???? They said that today before 2pm a Mr S. Bhosale will call me, we will see……..

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