Lufthansa Complaint – Lufthansa Bad Service. Lufthansa Has Bad Customer Service

Subject: Lufthansa bad service. Lufthansa has bad customer service
My Name: Scott
My City: Berkeley
My State/Territory: California
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: Lufthansa
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Lufthansa Air – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The Lufthansa Gate Nazi. Lufthansa bad service. Lufthansa good service. Which is it? Depends on the person, not the Lufthansa process. Our recent round-trip on Lufthansa included: Departure: Saint Louis-Chicago-Dusseldorf-Venice (codeshare w/ United) Return: Venice-Munich-Charlotte-St. Louis (codeshares w/ Air Dolomiti and US Airways).

The Good: Our departing transatlantic flight crew was professional, well organized and prompt in their service. Seats are reasonably comfortable and relatively new. Individual seat-back video screens with a good selection of movies was standard. There were better-than-average (for airlines) audio headsets and passengers may choose to start and stop movies as they wish. The crew provided a wall-attachment crib for the youngest of our travelling party of 16 people. Wine was complimentary on the return transatlantic flight.

The Bad: Our return flight from Venice-Munich was delayed by one hour and 15 minutes on Lufthansa's partner airline Air Dolomiti because, and I quote the pilot's announcement, “of a stupid error by the check-in attendant.” Passengers were told we would need to disembark 4 at a time to claim our pieces of luggage because there was an extra piece of luggage on board. That seemed reasonable even for security purposes. We did not disembark, however, because it was determined that a check-in attendant had let a piece of luggage on the plane for a cancelled passenger.

The Ugly: Running late in Munich due to disembarking only 30 minutes prior to our transatlantic flight to Charlotte, a large passenger group was met at the gate by a Lufthansa representative. She directed us up the escalators with the exception of a disabled passenger in a wheel chair and our relatives with the baby, who needed the elevator. She let them find their own way to passport checkpoint another set of security which was painfully tedious for in a normal situation, much less a situation where passengers had already been screened and passed through security in Venice. Perhaps this was because the flight terminated in USA.

The Lufthansa leader left us at security while passengers for a later Philadelphia flight jumped the line in front of us. My 3 kids passed through security along with my niece and two nephews. As the security personnel slowly checked all the carry-on baggage of my wife and sister (not Lufthansa's fault), a Lufthansa gate agent ran down to tell us to hurry up. I still hadn't even made it through security. The Lufthansa agent again yelled at us, saying they were closing the plane door.

This was alarming to us all as six of our children had already boarded the plane. My sister's bags were still being rummaged through by security, my wife's passport was stuck under the x–ray on the security belt. My sister and wife asked repeatedly if they would let the plane depart with our kids on board and without us. “Maybe.” She said at first. And after that she just nodded her head in the affirmative. If we weren't such seasoned travelers, this could have caused even greater stress to Lufthansa's paying passengers.

I, meanwhile was still stuck in security line. The security personnel took their time examining my carry-on luggage while my wife ran ahead to hold the agents at bay at the gangway. BRIGHT SPOT: There had been enough time for my wife to report to the gate agents to what had occurred with the other agents and they were shocked that it was a Lufthansa employee, but, indeed, it was. We were told they would report the offender and that they had experienced bad behavior as a Lufthansa employee and passenger on a recent flight from Paris. The two friendly female gate agents seemed to think this was an exceptional situation.

Particularly offensive was the short, portly blonde-haired Lufthansa Gate Nazi who yelled at us at the security line and seemed to smirkingly enjoy it, and the tall black-haired Lufthansa male agent who literally yelled at us repeatedly to hurry up on the gangway because the plane needed to depart. He barked at us repeatedly, followed by a “sorry” only to bark at us again. Strange. Salt In the Wound.

Someone was in my brother-in-law's seat upon boarding the transatlantic flight and my video monitor didn't work. I asked one attendant if she could fix it and I got no response for 2 hours so I asked another one who said she would get it fixed. 9 hours into the flight, the original attendant realized it wasn't working and apologized. BRIGHT SPOT: She gave us a 25 Euro certificate for Duty Free which bought a box of over-priced chocolates.

Upon boarding a flight attendant required a boarding pass for my other sister's 10-month old as they suspected she was taking up a paid seat on a fully-booked flight for free. Luckily they had her paid boarding pass, so she was able to keep her seat. No crib attachment for the baby on the return flight, though one was available for another infant. Pretty Cool. The multiple bathrooms grouped together in the center of the plane belly. You descend stairs to reach them.

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