Elanco, Dr. Jennings; 2500 Innovation Way, Greenfield Indiana 46140 Complaint – Toxic Effect Of Capstar On 15 Year Old Cat Without History Of Renal Disease

Subject: Toxic effect of Capstar on 15 year old cat without history of renal disease
My Name: Trisha Walls
My City: Saint Augustine
My State/Territory: Florida
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: Elanco, Dr. Jennings; 2500 Innovation Way, Greenfield Indiana 46140
Complaint Category: Manufacturers & Dealers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 1902.77
My Complaint Description:
I gave my 15 year old Siberian Forest Cat, one tablet of Capstar, Lot Number C906896, Expiration Date of 02/2021. on 3/9/2019 late in the afternoon. Within an hour, he was projectile vomiting. By morning of 3/10/2019 he was having difficulty walking. I took him to Forever Vets on 3/11/2019. The Vet was Dr. Cunningham at Murbella site of Forever Vets in Saint Augustine, 904-515-5346. His first labs returned were a Creatinine of 7.4; BUN of 190. I was told he was in renal failure and this was probably chronic as he is 15 years old. I explained to Dr. Cunningham that this is a very healthy cat, that he was his normal self until an hour after getting Capstar for fleas. I was told that this is a safe medication with no renal side effects. It was decided to try IVF to rehydrate Frank, (my cat). I took him back the vet 4 days in a row for hydration and repeat labs. The first day of labs were 729.06, the second day was 404.77. third day was 329.72, fourth day was 219.52. His next follow up will be another 219.52. His labs were drawn again on day 3, which was 3/13/2019. His creatinine dropped to 5.1, BUN dropped to 109. His behavior was much better, he was eating, grooming himself and alert. The Vet suggested another day of IVF. I had decided if his labs were not better, I would have him put down as I didn't want him to suffer. however, his labs were better ! I brought him back for day four of IVF and meds. I told the Vet that I was convinced the flea meds caused a toxic effect with Frank, either and allergy or side effect. Day four, Frank gets IVF. labs are redrawn. His Creatinine is 2.4, BUN was down to 37. Phos, Ca and K were normal! I took Frank back for a follow up and to recheck his labs to see if his baseline renal function was impaired. On March 22, 2019, his labs were Creat 2.0, BUN 36. Phos, K, and Ca again normal !!! He did not have renal disease.

I did report this to Elanco at 1-877-352-6261, Case number 5060, Spoke with Dr. Jennings. At first Dr. Jennings was interested in the above. She requested product information. Lot number was C906896, Expiration date was 2/2021, purchase site was Walmart in Saint Augustine Florida.

My Vet, Dr. Cunningham also spoke with Dr. Jennings and relayed all the labs to her. My Vet also faxed all the lab results to Elanco, Dr. Jennings on March 22, 2019.

I spoke with Dr. Jennings on 3/27/2019. A lot has changed. First, she did not recall speaking with Dr. Cunningham. Second, she would not provide any follow up information regarding the above, only that the FDA has determine this medication is safe for cats. Third, I was initially told I would get a report of their findings regarding my cat, his reaction and the results of their investigation. Now I am told, I will be provided nothing. Fourth, I was told they "do" report to FDA, not that they did. No case number was assigned to this report other than the initial number I have. Dr. Jennings also denied getting the last set of labs on Frank. Dr. Jennings told me the cat had renal disease, I reminded her that the cat does not have renal disease as evidenced by his last two sets of normal lab values. What the cat had was renal impairment caused by a side effect of Capstar that gratefully was reversed by IVF and medical attention. Basically, flushing his system of the medication.

What do I want: Their website listed my cats reaction: Vomiting, lethargy. What the site does not say is to "take animal to vet". The packaging is also misleading. This medication is not safe for all animals, the packaging should list side effects that require medical attention. I also want reimbursed for my cats vet bills. Initially, I wasn't seeking reimbursement. I was only seeking confirmation that Capstar caused a toxic event or side effect that was detrimental to the cat. Dr. Cunningham even told me that in her years of experience she has never seen labs that were as bad as they were 7.4 and 190 go back down to normal. She agreed the cat had a side effect of this medication. Prior to this event, Frank was 100% healthy ! His labs are back to normal, he is regaining the weight he lost.

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