Toastmaster Coffee Maker Complaint – Coffee Maker Quit Working

Subject: Coffee maker quit working
My Name: PeggySue Abate
My City: Coloma
My State/Territory: WI
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: Toastmaster coffee maker
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): $26.00
My Complaint Description:
I bought a Toastmaster coffee maker 2 months ago. It quit working already this morning. Really, only 2 months. $26.00. I can't afford that every 2 months.

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Tours & Travels: AirTran Airways Complaint – AirTran Communication W/ Parents Re: Unaccompanied Minors Needs Major Improvement

Subject: AirTran Communication W/ Parents Re: Unaccompanied Minors Needs Major Improvement
My Name: Laura
My State/Territory: NEW YORK
Country: [country] My Complaint Against: AirTran Airways
Complaint Category: Tours & Travels
My Complaint Description:
Yesterday (Saturday, July 27th), I had quite a traumatic experience involving AirTran Airlines. I am still terribly upset by it. My son was flying as an unaccompanied minor out of LaGuardia to Akron/Canton. Gate B4. My son is 8 years old, and as you can imagine, this was already a bittersweet moment, to have to say goodbye to my only child as he departed to fly solo.

It is important to note here that I was told that I needed to stay until the plane left which I did. It departed right on time, 2:25pm. No, the plane was not in the air. I did not stay at the gate until the plane was in the air because it was not made clear to me by any of the staff at any point that this is what I was expected to do. Nor did I at any point receive an email or any written material that detailed the policies about exactly was expected of an escort to an unaccompanied minor. I was doing as I had been told -“ I stayed until the plane departed.

I went downstairs to the food court and was there for a full hour after the plane left the gate. It is my understanding that somewhere in that time, the plane had to return to the gate. I had my cell phone with me, and yet no one called me. I am aware that my cell phone number is in the computer system because I gave it over the phone to the reservation agent when I purchased the ticket for my son.

I was called by my mother-in-law from the Akron/Canton airport around 3:55, just as my husband and I were entering the Midtown Tunnel into Manhattan. We were told that his plane had de-boarded and that we should go back. We were preparing to do so, but knowing it would take us at least 30 minutes to get back at that point and another 15 to reach the gate, I decided to call AirTran for an update about my son'€™s flight. I explained to them that he was an unaccompanied minor and I was his mother.

I was told his plane was scheduled to depart at 4:00. Since that was five minutes away, I was given the impression that the flight had already boarded and was about to leave, so my husband and I decided to not to go back based on that information. At 4:45, my mother-in-law called me and told me that his flight had been delayed further but that his flight was now scheduled to leave at 5:00. Now I'm starting to get really upset. I should have been there with him. But with his plane leaving at 5:00, there was really no point for me to make the 30-minute journey from Manhattan to LaGuardia as I would not get there until after the plane had left.

Again, no had called my cell phone or had left a message on my home phone. And I'€™m beginning to wonder why no one would call the child's parent in this type of situation. I'm only getting the information I am receiving because my child'€™s grandparents are at the Akron/Canton airport where they are able to get immediate information.

At 5:30, I was sent a text by my mother-in-law that his plane was now leaving at 5:55. I began to feel myself starting to emotionally unravel, worried sick about my child, and started trying to find a way back to the airport. I arrived at Port Authority at 6:00 and waited for an Express Bus that was supposed to arrive in 10 minutes but had still not arrived 30 minutes later.

While waiting for the Express bus to show, my mother-in-law gave my husband and I a number to call. It was a 718 number so I can only assume I was going to be speaking with someone at LaGuardia. I was so grateful to finally have a chance to speak to someone who could tell me definitively what was going on.

The person on the other line kept telling us that we were supposed to be there and that they weren't allowed to give us any information -€“ both extremely unhelpful things to say. I was very angry that the airline was not able to give the parents of an 8-year-old information about their child. We were immediately put on the defensive and tried to explain that we were there until the plane left the gate, were in the airport for another hour after that, and that no one had told us that we were supposed to stay until the plane was in the air. Nor had anybody tried to call us. The conversation was ultimately unproductive, extremely frustrating, and of no help whatsoever.

Because the Express Bus never showed, I hailed a cab around 6:40. I called AirTran while stuck in traffic in the cab. I was told that my son'€™s plane had been cancelled and he was being placed on another flight set to leave at 7:55. Upon arriving at the airport at around 7:20, I was told that I would have to wait in line for a gate pass, so I did. And by the time I got to the gate at 7:40, his plane had already left the gate and was about to depart.

Upon arriving at the gate, the gate attendant started to berate and verbally abuse me for not coming back to the airport earlier. Already being quite emotional and angry about the events leading up to this moment, his tirade really blindsided me. He told me that I knew I wasn't supposed to leave, so I told him that I did stay until the plane left the gate and was never told that I had to stay until the plane was in the air.

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Staff Complaint – Temperature

Subject: temperature
My Name: Yolanda
My City: san jacinto
My State/Territory: ca
Country: us
My Complaint Against: Staff
Complaint Category: Others
My Complaint Description:
Too Cold inside. I predict the temperature is always less than 50 degrees. Can not eat comfortable inside. I have complaint to staff at several visits, but they say they have different people working with different issues.

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– Select -: I Had An Appointment Wednesday September 18 Between 3-5. No One Ever Showed Up. The Job Was Not Taken Care. Of The First Time. I Feel The Repeat Customers Are Treated Badly. I Would Like A Refund! Complaint – Poor Service

Subject: Poor service
My Name: Susan mayerat
My City: West seneca
My State/Territory: New york
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: I had an appointment Wednesday September 18 between 3-5. No one ever showed up. The job was not taken care. Of the first time. I feel the repeat customers are treated badly. I would like a refund!
Complaint Category: – Select –
Claim Amount (Approx.): 400.00
My Complaint Description:
Service call was not kept. First call was not good. Bees were still there 2weeks later. Can’t get service man to come back!

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Terminix Company Complaint – Termites Complaint

Subject: Termites complaint
My Name: natalie digioia
My State/Territory: FL
Country: United States
My Complaint Against: Terminix company
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): unknown at this time
My Complaint Description:
About a year ago I had Terminix come for a small area in master bathroom and the Expert technician suggested the chemical spray versus tenting the house , My whole house is now infested with termites , I have called and have had several treatments over the past year ( And I still have termites ) After all the Grief and Aggravation and inconvenience that I have gone through with all the multiple times they had to come and teat again and again , it was never ending and very inconvenient !!!!! You would think Terminix right thing after over a year they would tent my house and not charge me for it with the fact that they sold me the Wrong service !!!!!!!!!!! But no they are trying to charge me , So much for their Satisfaction Guaranteed , YEAH RIGHT I'M NOT SATISFIED !!!!!!!!
Natalie Digioia

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