Complaint-Bad Magento Extension By

Subject: Bad magento extension by
My Name: SWO LLC
My City: Jacksonville
My State/Territory: FLORIDA
My Complaint Against:
Complaint Category: Auto Manufacturers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

Our company was looking for a year/make/model extension for our magento store when we stumbled upon Vehicle Fits; we contacted the company and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Josh. We explained to Josh that we have had some problems with purchasing magento extensions in the past and were a little weary about purchasing another extension that may not work properly. Josh assured us that this would not be the case with his software and even offered to remove his refund policy for us and he would refund us our money if we were not happy with his software.

After we purchased the software everything seemed to be moving along just fine. He offered to install his software and had to make about 4 updates to get it up and running. There were a few bugs here and there like misspellings, some all capital letters, some lower case, doubles of makes models, wrong vehicle to bolt pattern and a few other minor issues but he assured us once again that they would be sorted out. He said a buddy of his was working on that for him and it would be fixed within a few days. This never happened and nothing was fixed.

We also noticed that our page load times were horrible with the extension installed and we were told it was a cache issue and we needed to clear our cache more often. We were also told he was going to custom program the module to suit our needs better with a year make model choice for both wheel and vehicle sides and that never happened either. The load time issue is caused by a hog of java scripting poorly written and not optimized at all. If you view his test sites you will notice load times are horrible.

Our server suffered a failure last week and we had to recover it from our data center, after getting the server back and going through the database we discovered if we removed his entries from our SQL database our problem was fixed and our sites would function as they should and with the entries added back to the database our sites would fail to load. Clearly his software were the cause here, magento functioned perfectly without his module entries.

We contacted him and informed him that we were not happy with his product and that it still needed some tweaking and we would like a refund. We were told he would issue a refund if we were not happy with his software. He asked if he could have the chance to try to fix it and was simply told NO. Our server was down for a few hours and that costs our company money and we could not afford to have any down time in the future due to his software failing.

Josh was now looking for every possible way to get out of giving us our refund and looking for a way to make it our fault his software failed when that didn’t work he started in with immature name calling and vulgar remarks. No refund has been issued at this point and we are having our legal team contact him this week. We would just like to give everyone else a heads up to stay away from this company and let you know how our experience with Josh and turned out.

UPDATE: We decided to give Josh a chance to complete the module as agreed and prove to us that his module was not at fault for our magento store failure. He installed the basic module on a test site and then disappeared. He is no longer responding to our emails and we are still locked out of updates. We never received a refund and now we are stuck with a non-working magento module and lost out on $700. He claims we are no longer allowed to receive updates or download the software we paid for due to that fact we posted our complaints on these message boards.

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Rainex Complaint-Rain-X Forever

Subject: Rain-X Forever
My Name: applenan
My City: Atlanta
My State/Territory: Georgia
My Complaint Against: Rainex
Complaint Category: Auto Manufacturers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

I keep seeing rave reviews about Rain-X. I think it is a safety hazard! Even though my mechanic warned me to never use Rain-X, I put the washer fluid in my car. Now there is a cloudy film on the windshield that I cannot get off. In the morning when the sun hits the windshield, I can barely see the traffic and turning on the wipers only makes it worse. I have tried everything including a careful application of “Goof-Off” hoping to remove the film. I see dumb suggestions online such as it might be on the inside.

Please give a person more credit than that. I bet a man wrote that. I live in Florida and the sun is much more of an issue than ice and snow. No, I did not polish the windshield after pushing the washer button, I am usually driving at that time.

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Peragon Enterprises Inc. Complaint-A Review Of My Second Peragon Truck Bed Cover

Subject: A Review of My Second Peragon Truck Bed Cover
My Name: reno_pilot
My State/Territory: MINNESOTA
My Complaint Against: Peragon Enterprises Inc.
Complaint Category: Auto Manufacturers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

I used to have a Peragon bed cover on a 2006 Dodge Dakota. I recently replaced that truck with a new Ram and I went back to Peragon to get a new cover. After installing it, I figured I’d give them a review. I think the improvements they’ve made to their tonneau cover since the one I purchased 5 years ago are great: improved rubber gasket at the cab, elimination of the side-to-side bar at the roller incline pieces, and the stronger panel next to the gate which makes it less likely to flex when the owner puts something heavy on top. There are several more improvements, but I won’t take time to explain them.

The worst part of the installation was the minor cutting of the bed liner that I purchased from a truck accessory store in Reno. When I was at that store, I saw they sold hard tonneau covers, but they were in the $1,600 range and had a large canister in front, near the cab end. I asked them if they had ever heard of Peragon and they had not. I offered to come back and show them the product after I installed it. I did that yesterday and they seemed quite impressed with both the product and the price. I just think Peragon has a great product. I would recommend this cover to anyone.

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Subject: MP Racing Is a HORRIBLE COMPANY
My Name: Corey
My State/Territory: ILLINOIS
My Complaint Against:
Complaint Category: Auto Manufacturers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

I will try to make this short and to the point. The owner of is a lying, worthless, and selfish business owner. I bought a used custom-built 3.4L turboed motor from him for $3,000 that was in his Alero. I sent him the money in Feb and it is now August and I still don’t have all my parts. He said it would be a complete drop in motor that only had about 20,000 miles on it. I received a short block motor that the valve covers, upper and lower intake manifolds, throttle body that were all missing off the motor.

When it arrived, it had rags draped over the heads with racket straps holding to motor on the half-ass pallet that was not even enclosed. I called him about it when it arrived and he said that the freight company must have stolen them off the motor in shipping. So I torn the motor down to inspect it before I started to reassembling it with the missing parts from my old motor, to find that the pistons and rings are burned up the rod bearings are all shot and the pistons are washed because the motor was burning oil. In other word I have a $250 core exchange for a motor.

I tried to get a hold of him for a month before he emails me and states he was in a car accident and broke his phone. I’m sorry but if I had someone else’s money and property, I would be in touch with them a little quicker to let them now what is going on. He also denies everything saying that I damaged the motor by tearing it apart and that he was not going to give me a refund.

Long story short, it is now August and I still do not have my turbo, intercooler, tuned PCM, fuel injectors, front strut brace, cat converter, clear corner lights, and a bunch of misc. stuff for the motor. I have all the emails and attempted phone calls to this jerk and I have tried to be nice, but it has been long enough. If anyone is ever thinking of buying anything from, DO ME A FAVOR AND TURN AND RUN AWAY!!! IT IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!!!

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Five Corners RV – Seattle Washington Complaint-Beware Of Five Corners RV!!!

Subject: Beware of Five Corners RV!!!
My Name: RV Lover
My State/Territory: WASHINGTON
My Complaint Against: Five Corners RV – Seattle Washington
Complaint Category: Auto Manufacturers
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

This was probably the worst vacation we had in years due to malfunctioning RV toilet, something we did not expect to happen. Beware of Five Corners RV!! The original deal was for a 26′ RV which we have ordered back in May 8-07 for a July vacation. Our problems with Five Corners RV started as soon as we got to the airport. Five Corners RV promised to pick us up 5 minutes from the moment we called. 5 minutes turned into 15 and then into 30 minutes. Five Corners RV was very much aware of our tight schedule, as we explained to them that we had to be at the Anacortes Ferry Dock by 14:00.

When we finally arrived at the RV yard, we were told that the RV that was designated for us has a broken step, and that they will have to replace the RV with another one, “€œexactly the same.”€ Again, beware of Five Corners RV!!

Close to an hour later, we had our replacement RV, which had the following included as found out later:

  1. Dirty, overused towels.
  2. Short sleeping package, we ordered 3, and got 2.
  3. Short utensils pack.
  4. Unusable toaster. The cord was so short, that the only way you could use it is right on the edge of the sink, over a wet (pictures available).
  5. A pair of “œworking”€ gloves soaked in urine.
  6. Old wiper blades that were supposed to be replaced a while ago. Washington state and Vancouver are well known to be a rainy area, as they proved to be.
  7. Tires that were right where you are supposed to replace them due to wear and tear (low trim).
  8. The worst came later, the toilet in the RV were not functional as we later found out.

We did not have:

  1. Wood wedges to level the RV when parked, this is a must have!
  2. No toilet paper, not even one roll to start the trip with. Maybe it was their way of warning us not to use the toilet.
  3. No chemicals in the toilet or a ready to use pack to start the trip.

When we arrived at Beachcomber RV Park on the evening of 7/12 and made the first attempt to use the toilets, we realized that they were not working properly. We called the RV rental office and left a message, however no one bothered to return our call. They later claimed that they never received the message. I have the proper phone records to prove that a 93 seconds call was placed to their office, that evening, as I have a record for all the calls I made to them during our trip.

The next day we called again, and were told that Steve **, the owner and operator was not available, he will call us shortly. He called us only the next morning, 7/14, while we were on our way to Tofino. Since things got worst, we chose to stay at WEIGH WEST MARINE RESORT, it was the only one that had rooms left for the night. We were also forced to dine out since the smell in the RV was unbearable. Did I say beware of Five Corners RV!!

From this point on, we had to change the plans in way that forced us to avoid cooking in the RV, spend more money on dining and completely break the budget allocated for this long awaited vacation. We had to cancel our trip to the highlight of our vacation, Telegraph Cove, in the northern part of the island, forfeit our deposit in the RV Park and lose the ORCA exploration trip we planned.

We had to stop using the RV for cooking and eating and had to leave the island and check into the Burnaby RV park which has all the facilities that will basically allow you to avoid using the RV as much as possible. Upon our return, the RV was taken into the on-site repair shop by Mr. **, and despite waiting for him for 45 minutes we were told that he was busy looking at the problem.

We could not stay beyond this since we had a flight to catch. They are now holding our security deposit in order to make sure that we do not file a claim, or as they say “€œuntil the refund issue is resolved.” We have a signed document that states that the RV was returned as we took it, and a deposit is due.

For the following days, Five Corners RV completely ignored my e-mails. When they finally returned my phone calls, I was told that Steve fixed the toilet in “€œ2 seconds”€ and that it was plugged because “you people did not flush after using it€.” This is the worst insult I have heard for a while and I am holding myself calling it racial or discriminative. This is the 4th time I rent an RV, and my customer record is nothing short than excellent. P.S. We are still waiting for a security deposit refund.

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