Apria Healthcare Complaint-Refusal To Accept Decision Of Branch Manager

Subject: Refusal to Accept Decision of Branch Manager
My Name: Jack
My City: New York
My State/Territory: New York
My Complaint Against: Apria Healthcare
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:

Received BiPAP breathing machine from Apria while living in Colorado in 2013. I was to pay for 13 months a partial payment, while insurance company paid the remaining percentage. In May of 2017 I moved to Texas and had to secure new Medicare supplemental insurance, since original company did not do business in TX. About 1.5 months later I received a bill from Apria with no explanation.

Upon calling, they said that changing insurance companies created a “new contract”, and that I would be responsible for another 13 months of partial payment. I replied that I never signed a new contract nor had seen one, that it was the same identical machine that I had received in 2013 and that it was now four years old. I stated that it was not right to try to collect the same amount of original money for a used machine, that I had already paid 13 months for this machine, and that my liability for this particular machine was over unless they wished to provide a new machine.

When they insisted that I would owe them money, I stated that I would rather return the machine and obtain a new one from another company. When I went to the local branch office, they looked at the machine, asked how old it was. When I responded, the manager stated that the value of the machine had long ago been paid for by the insurance company. He said that I should keep it and that it was mine.

Apria then communicated with me that since the manager had stated this after they had issued a bill, that I would be required to pay. My response was that since I had no foreknowledge of a bill being created after fulfilling my obligations, and since the manager said that it HAD been paid for, that all financial obligations had already been met and even exceeded. In fact, they had received over $14000 for a machine that had an original retail value of $3000. We are still in conflict. I filed complaint with BBB, but BBB states that Apria has no ratings from them due to failure to respond to numerous letters. I have also filed complaint with branch of Federal Trade Commission.

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