BP Gas Station Complaint – Color Of Diesel Handle At Gas Station

Subject: Color of diesel handle at gas station
My Name: Todd Glover
My City: Eldridge
My State/Territory: Mo.
Country: USA
My Complaint Against: BP gas station
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.): ? Waiting for repair
My Complaint Description:
Traveling in Plano Il. Stopped to refuel at BP in my 2000 ford f350. Every where I fuel diesel handles are green. I got the green handle and started pumping. A few gallons later I smell gas so I stopped. Too late. At least I didn't start my truck. I had to have it towed, the tank has to be dropped and flushed and reinstalled fuel lines have to be primed. Hundreds of dollars and loss of I don't know how much time. BP should foot this bill and get on board with color coding their pump handle.

One thought on “BP Gas Station Complaint – Color Of Diesel Handle At Gas Station

  1. No reply to complaint about BP and their green handle GAS pumps. I suggest a boycott of BP diesel until they resolve this issue. I don’t know how many people they have screwed over with this issue but I have read very many today. Thanks BP. I will NEVER darken you doorway again!

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