Beth Excford And Shp MGMT Corp Complaint – Carmel House, Apt 203 Poor Conditions

Subject: Carmel House, Apt 203 poor conditions
My Name: Matt Hufnus
My City: Gurnee
My State/Territory: IL
Country: usa
My Complaint Against: Beth Excford and Shp MGMT Corp
Complaint Category: Construction & Real Estate
Claim Amount (Approx.): 112.00
My Complaint Description:
SHP Management Corp which oversees Carmel House at the address 2815 Elisha Avenue Zion IL 60099, of which manager at the IL section 8 apartment have acted unprofessionally and the apartment which was offered me had bed bugs infestation from previous tenant due to likely strong musty odor in apartment. While HUD oversees such local and state apartments, this is not a discrimination issue, because I did get the apartment. I moved out on December 09 2019, after 10am. Turned in the keys, gave a signed paper that I am moving out. Local manager denies my complaint, said I have no merit, also blames me for bed bugs. Witnesses that have known me for years, in the states I have lived know I never had bed bug issues. This was my first experience with bed bugs. I read musty odor on a pest control website that bed bugs have infested s place. Also , the strong odor from prior tenants in my apartment number 203 in Zion Carmel House caused me stress,and my asthma was affected. Both SHP and Beth Excford have taken advantage of me being disabled. The manager kept my partial rent and took out $4 from my deposit and is crooked! I have complained to the state and local entities concerning my issue with Carmel House. Also being a HUD property , the manager allows pot and smoking in the building as I witnessed cigars and the smell of pot smelling like skunk on the first floor near mailboxes and entrances of building. I consulted a lawyer and they suggested I complain to the real estate commission in both states and believe the landlord owes me partial as the move was from a unhealthy environment. I believe they owe me around $112.00. I tried to resolve this issue with the local manager on a free mediation site called peopleclaim. Since SHP is over the local Zion property felt we could resolve without going to small claims which would be a record on both parties.

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